Monday, May 10, 2010

Exquisite Creatures 2010 Opening

"Exquisite Creatures 2010" opened Saturday, May 8, with a wild affair which included art, balloon animals, a "live" mermaid, music and general merrymaking. Here are some photos.

"The Fisher Queen" and me; the painting is lit better than I am.

Curator Katrina Doran.

The bartender is kept company by this glass work by Juli Hulcey.

A mosaic by Jamie Pink Weisbrod.

Balloon animals, in this case an octopus, gave the whole affair a carnival-esque atmosphere.

Collector, graphic designer and painter Paula Mele-Weatherbie with a mermaid.

Sculptor Stuart Kraft.

A cast concrete piece by Denny Doran.

Painter Bruce Schiefelbein and Nancy Schiefelbein talk to Becky, with the sunset in the background.

The always amazing view from the front steps of Norwood Flynn Gallery.

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