Thursday, May 5, 2011

"¡Lotería, Lotería! (Tres)" reception

The "¡Lotería, Lotería! (Tres)" exhibition opening reception was last Saturday night, April 30. Here are some random photos from the event. There were many other fine pieces in the show, so this is not intended as a comprehensive survey, just some work that caught my eye.
As always, the opening was well attended and fun.
Thanks again to Enrique Fernández Cervantes and the Bath House Cultural Center for the opportunity to participate in this great event.

Here I am with "El Pájaro"

Linda Stokes with her "La Mano"

Don Huff and Chet Phillips with Chet's "La Muerte"

Michael Benson with his "La Calavera"

Kathy Boortz, "El Gallo"

Lilia Estrada, "La Botella"

Two views of Dan Dudley's "El Bandolon"

Tomas Bustos, "El Perico"

Cap Pannell, "El Diablito"

Julia McLain, "La Araña"

Jose Vargas, "El Sol"

Amalia Elmasri, "El Pescado"

Michelle Akers, "La Corona"

Pastor Garcia, "El Tambor"

Rebecca Guy, "La Luna"

David Medina, "El Violoncello"

Genaro Hernández, "La Rana"

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linda stokes said...

hey Ray Mel, how cool! What a wonderful documentation !!!!