Sunday, September 30, 2012

"100 Years of Oak Cliff Art"

This show celebrated the 100th anniversary for Oak Cliff Society of Fine Arts in the Turner House, a great old structure in my Oak Cliff neighborhood.
"Summer, Elmwood Creek" was juried into the show. And here I am with it.

In other news, the Southwest Art Magazine article, "Portfolio: Line & Shadow", in which my drawing "Oak Tree" is included, is now online as well as in print.
Check it out here. Scroll down to the seventh featured drawing and there I am. Or "Oak Tree" is there, anyway, with a commentary by me.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

October Southwest Art feature

Below are my page from an article on drawing and my ad in the October issue of Southwest Art Magazine.
I was obviously happy to be included along with nine other artists in this article on drawing. Whatever I'm known for, drawing probably isn't it, until now at least. The editors chose "Oak Tree", a pen and ink drawing from my sketchbook. My thanks to everyone at Southwest Art for the notice.
Drawing is the foundation of my paintings, since I either base the painting on a drawing from my sketchbook or on paper, or I draw the image directly on the canvas. I've never been one of those "put up a blank canvas and start moving paint around" artists, although I've always admired that process.

"Oak Tree" and "Urban Still Life" are both in Strokes of Genius 4: Exploring Line, also to be published in October. More on that as it develops.

Friday, September 7, 2012

A Pheasant This Winter

"A Pheasant This Winter", 24 by 30 inches, acrylic on canvas.
This is a commissioned piece, requested by the buyer after he had seen "Winter Berries". "Winter Berries" was sold in a fund raising auction last December, so it wasn't available. The buyer was kind enough to ask me to paint something similar. It was his request that the bird in the new piece feature a pheasant, rather than being a very stylized graphic generic bird as in the original painting, with a few berry plants popping up through the snow. "Pheasant" is also considerably bigger than "Berries", 2 by 2.5 feet instead of 6 by 8 inches.
The buyer intends to use the image on his holiday card this year, so the painting needed to be completed in time for him to print and mail them out. Aside from that, I see its timing as an early celebration of the cooler weather finally headed toward my area over the next couple of days.