Friday, June 18, 2010

"Outside" - the "Mystery Project" revealed

Last night, June 17, Medical City Hospital in Dallas opened their new Childrens' Hospital wing with a big to-do including my painting "Outside", which hangs in the first floor reception area.
My reasoning for the title, other than the obvious reference to the imagery, is that being "outside" is equivalent with being healthy. "Outside" in the fresh air, running, playing, all those things we associate with kids being outside, and what being treated in the hospital and getting better will help us get back to. That's what I was thinking, anyway.
Here are some photos of the affair, which included a very nice steak dinner, and some elements in the waiting/reception area.
All three dimensional elements were created by the Museum Arts company of Dallas.

This is the "official" professionally photographed image of "Outside", as opposed to my previous shots from my own camera. The painting is 36 by 60 inches, acrylic on canvas.

I think this is an ice sculpture.

A tall fairy greeted partiers.

Becky and me at the Big Shots' table.

Some of our table-mates.

A large tree dominates the first floor reception area.

Inside the tree are two "funhouse" mirrors.

The tree continues to the second floor. I don't think the "fairy" is usually there.

Becky with another "fairy". Apparently they weren't supposed to speak, since none of them did.

A few of the party guests.

Ad agency Avrea Foster art director Lisa Goin, account executive Cheyenne Dazey, a young lady affiliated with the hospital whose name temporarily escapes me (I'll list her name when I remember it) and me.

The second floor admittance desk features a beehive motif.

Butterflies circle the ceiling.

A large catepillar in the waiting area.

These circular features on the floor of the waiting area were very cool.

The "Healing Garden" is just outside the waiting area.

This is the admittance desk, featuring an "ant farm".

"Outside" is at the end of a long hallway leading to the elevators to treatment facilities.

Here I am with "Outside" framed and on the wall.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Drawing Inspiration

I'm quoted and a few of my pictures are featured in this new book by writer/artist Michael Fleishman.
It's available on Amazon at this link.
This cover illustration is by David Bowers.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jury duty

Earlier this week I was called up for jury duty. I usually get sent home early, but this time I got as far as the actual courtroom and was actually considered for the jury. I didn't get picked, which was good, since it was a heavy criminal case, but that's as close as I've ever come to being "in the box" as the judge kept calling it. While waiting I did these sketchbook drawings of my fellow potential jurists. I don't think any of them were picked either.