Thursday, February 19, 2015

Who's Afraid of Chuck and George?

...You may ask. No one should be, since Brian Jones and Brian Scott, collectively "Chuck and George", create no danger, only delights for the eye and intellect. Their observations on their environment and everyday life take a turn toward the fanciful and have brought them considerable and well deserved attention.

CentralTrak, the University of Texas at Dallas Artist Residency space, devoted part of its area to a show celebrating all things Chuck and George through the eyes of their fellow artists and friends. I was honored to be invited to be a part of the show.

The opening happened Friday, February 13 and will continue through a couple of months at least. Below is my contribution and below that are photos of the event and some of the other works I was able to get a record of, with my often poor photography. But hey, it was just one of those nights.

"Chuck (Brian) George"
8 by 16 inches, acrylic on two panels.

And here it is paired with a beautiful Mark Ross painting.

A favorite by Erica Stephens. Those are real teeth on the encroaching monster. While I've never seen anything like that at the Brians' house, I have no doubt it could appear at any minute. I'm sure it would be gentle, but monstrous nevertheless.

A beautifully crafted cut paper piece from Gretchen Goetz.

Disturbingly cuddly Chuck and George dolls by Gillian Bradshaw-Smith.

Tina Trachtenburg of "The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players".

A great Bruce Lee Webb piece.

A fun Ken Craft watercolor narrative.

The Amazing Hancock Brothers.

Tom Sale provided some signature Pinky Diablo skeleton watercolors.

One of my selfies with friends John Slate and guest of honor Brian Scott.

Another selfie with friends John Reitzer-Smith, Milton Morris, a young lady I don't think I have the pleasure of knowing and on the far right friend and guest of honor number two, Brian Jones.

A shot down the hall with the enthusiastic crowd.

The outside window of CentralTrak showcases two Chuck and George heads.

And finally, CentralTrak honcho Heyd Fontenot gives Brian Jones a well deserved sternum massage.