Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

My resolution is to try to say something on this blog at least once a week. Not that there's a huge audience for it, but because I want to put things out there.
I hope everyone has had great holidays and will have only the positive in the new year. See you on the other side.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy Solstice!

If it pleases you to do so on this Winter Solstice watch this little animation I made based on this 30 year old(!) illustration. Have a happy whatever it is you might celebrate at this time of year.

The original image:

The animation is at this link.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Views of "Remote Viewing"

The work for "Remote Viewing", that I shipped to the University of New Mexico in Portales instead of hand delivering as I had planned (due to a temporary Ice Age of the type that shuts down this part of the country once a year or so), arrived safely and was installed over the past weekend.

Here are some views of it, generously provided by one of the instructors there and a friend and colleague from the communication arts days, David Deal.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

More drawings

"Jackrabbit 2", 11 by 9 inches, pencil on Arches watercolor paper.

"Black Bear", 11 by 9 inches, pencil on Arches watercolor paper.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

"Remote Viewing"

Above is the poster designed for my show by the folks at Eastern New Mexico University.

This weekend I intended to deliver 22 paintings to Eastern New Mexico University's Runnels Gallery in Portales, NM. The show title is "Remote Viewing", a reference to the fact that I don't usually paint my subjects on site, although they are usually very much about the place they're based on. It's also a reference to looking back with a different perspective on experiences I've had growing up, from what is now very much a remote place.

I used reference and memory to recreate those scenes I've actually witnessed or to reinterpret others. In any case, the weather here in North Texas put the kibosh on that plan, and I had to ship them instead.

Below are links to images of the paintings I sent. I'm scheduled to give a talk at the ending of the show on January 31st. We'll hope for the best on that date, weather-wise.

"Across the Pond", 10.5 by 14 inches, acrylic and found objects on paper
"Alfred, Lord Tennyson", 14 by 18 inches, acrylic/canvas
"Augustus", 18 by 14 inches, acrylic on paper and canvas
"Caesar", 20 by 16 inches, acrylic/paper/canvas
"Claudius", 36 by 36 inches, acrylic/paper/canvas
"Grazing Texas", 8 by 10 inches, acrylic on canvas
"Head of a Rooster", 8 by 6 inches, acrylic/canvas
"Head of a Rooster 3", 8 by 6 inches, acrylic/canvas
"Head of a Rooster 4", 8 by 6 inches, acrylic/canvas
"Head of a Rooster 6", 8 by 6 inches, acrylic/canvas
"Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley", 16 by 20 inches, acrylic/paper/canvas
"Medina", 8.75 by 14 inches, acrylic and found objects on paper
"Meadow 1", 8 by 8 inches, acrylic/canvas
"Meadow 2", 8 by 8 inches, acrylic/canvas
"Meadow 3", 8 by 8 inches, acrylic/canvas
"New Age Rodeo", 36 by 36 inches, acrylic/canvas
"October Pass", 30 by 40 inches, acrylic/paper/canvas
"Piedra de Caballero", 8 by 10 inches, acrylic/paper/canvas
"Precipicio" 20 by 24 inches, acrylic/paper/canvas
"Rose of Sharon", 18 by 14, acrylic/canvas
"Route 518", 9.5 by 14 inches, acrylic and found object on paper
"Somewhere, Texas", 11 by 14 inches, acrylic/canvas

More on this show as things progress.