Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Happy holidays

Whatever it is you celebrate, if anything, I hope it's a good time.

This is an image I made, with some process pix along with it.

The piece started as a pencil drawing with intentional smudges. I scanned the drawing and with Photoshop turned the smudges into a half tone pattern.
I added the skin tone and hair as layers. They are scanned watercolor washes.

I added the color of the wing and the bird, also scanned watercolor washes. The robe texture was a photograph of a wall, as was the background. The clock is from a photograph of the court house in beautiful Crockett, Texas.
The gold leaves seen in the final version were from a photograph of a pattern on an antique window.
This piece exists only in digital form.

These are the textures I used, from photographs I took and watercolor washes I made.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Cat Show

This Saturday night Mighty Fine Arts Gallery presents "The Cat Show", an exhibition with part of the proceeds of sales going to spay, neuter, vaccinate and feed feral cats in the Tyler Street neighborhood of Dallas, TX, home to the gallery.

My contribution is a painting, "Backlit Cat", based on a photo I took of our cat, Scout, in front of an unfortunately in-need-of-a-cleaning window. Below is the painting, below that is the source photo.

Psychedelic punk band Inferno Texino is playing a set at the show.

Christina Rees and Bill Davenport, critics for Glasstire, an online Texas art magazine, discuss the show as one of their "Top Five" events of the week. "Backlit Cat" shows up at 3:12, if you're keeping time.