Thursday, July 16, 2009

George Toomer

A communication arts legend, George Toomer, aka "Buffalo George", died earlier this week at the age of 64. He lived and worked in Dallas, Tx, and was, among other things, an artist, social and food critic, designer, restaurant creator, mentor, prankster, hero and all around good person.
Remembrances of his influence and friendship from the many people who called him friend and colleague can be found at this Facebook page, "Friends of the Buffalo".
A couple of personal notes, he had a nickname for me, "Amish from Space", apparently based on his perception of me as quiet and unassuming and also odd in some way, presumably a good way. He lived and worked in a large two story house in the middle of a heavily developed neighborhood in the shadow of the Dallas central business district ("downtown"), with a wraparound porch. Every time I saw him he would say "Come by and visit and we'll hang out on the porch". I think I did once at least, but not nearly enough. He was full of stories and advice, a witty and entertaining man.
I have no doubt that should there be an afterlife, he is in the middle of it holding court and giving the proprietors what-for about the design and attitudes of the place.
Vaya con Dios, friend.


Barkerville, Texas. said...

Pretty cool Ray-mel!
I really miss the guy. He was a good man.... one of the best.
-Aaron Barker

Ray-Mel Cornelius said...

Hey, Aaron. Yep, we'll all miss seeing him out and about, and at the Stoneleigh P, and getting his insight on things, solicited or not :D.
Thanks for checking in.

J David Moeller said...

Many times, throughout the ages, it's been said, "They broke the mold with this one".

Well, there was no mold for George. He just appeared in this life as is.

His wit and wisdom and generosity and compassion was freely painted on the canvas of his myriad friends. I can think of none who met him who did not feel he was their best friend.

Too, it's been said so very often, "There'll never be another like him".

I would hope not. He was all that was needed.

I cherish the friends I have and will meet; but, having known Buffalo George, I am complete.

rebeled said...

I think George Toomer will always be the definition of cool. This stogie's for you, Buffalo!