Monday, August 17, 2009

Roosters, continued

"Caligula", 16 in. by 20 in., acrylic on canvas.

"Nero", 18 in. by 14 in., acrylic on canvas.

These are a couple more of the paintings for "Emperors and Roosters", at Norwood Flynn Gallery in Dallas, Tx. The show opens with a reception 6 pm - 8:30 pm, Saturday, September 12, and ends October 10. Pysanky eggs by Billie Giese and paintings of neon signs by Chris Bingham will also be exhibited at the gallery.
Below is a very entertaining press release written about the show by writer/artist Kim Alexander.

Ask any rooster about Norwood Flynn Gallery’s latest show, “Emperors & Roosters,” and he’ll tell you that the title is redundant. Not only do the roosters of Ray-Mel Cornelius take credit for the sunrise, they aim to outstrip it in color and clout. Jutting Henry VIII chins and Elvis bellies, they wield the authority of a long standing rural tradition of hierarchies and small-time dynasties. These Texas kings seem also to have bartered for foreign brides, Polish princesses who’ve delivered heirs in the form of Pysanky eggs. Using a traditional Polish/Ukrainian style, Austin artist Billie Giese paints eggs as symbols of hope and resurrection in a language of beautifully layered dyes and strategically applied bee’s wax. These royal lines are, in turn, heralded by the next best thing to natural signs and wonders. Chris Bingham’s portraits of dying neon signs, painted in gouache and watercolor are a prophetic counterpoint to Giese’s hope-filled eggs, solemn remnants of a day when haughty little kings once roamed more freely.
- Kim Alexander

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