Friday, September 11, 2009

"Emperors and Roosters"

My show "Emperors and Roosters" opens tomorrow (Saturday) night, with a reception 6- 8:30 pm, at Norwood Flynn Gallery, 3318 Shorecrest, Dallas, Texas. Photos of the event to come afterwards.

Here's the "Artist Statement" which accompanies the exhibit.

Every artist approaches a painting with the basic elements in mind; surface, shape, texture, pattern and color. The question then becomes what subject will best serve as an opportunity to explore those elements. For this collection of work the Rooster, a regional icon and powerful metaphor for energy and genesis, became that motif. The Rooster as a subject also connects to my early memories of these strutting birds reiterating their place in the farmyard hierarchy. In a painting he becomes the framework on which to create studies of those pictorial elements while never permitting his natural sovereignty and dignity to be eclipsed.

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