Monday, November 2, 2009

Favorite paintings

I've always loved Paul Klee's "Twittering Machine". The line quality and the apparently random grunge that stumbles across the surface are elements I've, er, appropriated for my "Neo-Retro" pieces, although I won't make a claim to being as successful as Klee in how they're used. But it's the absurdity of the image, with its crank waiting to set off the completely pointless function of this rickety device, that makes it a favorite.

All of Klee's work appeals to me, but a sentimental favorite is "Sinbad the Sailor". It's the first Paul Klee image I ever encountered, when I was still in high school. I immediately was, and still am, drawn to the checkered pattern against the segmented sailor and his incredible fish adversaries.

And speaking of fish, for me the ultimate Klee painting is "Fish Magic". Again the line quality is amazing; the colors appear to be buried by the dark background, with the figures etched out of it, set free from the gloom to glow like creatures at the bottom of the ocean.

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