Saturday, December 26, 2009

White Christmas

It snowed in Dallas, Texas on Christmas Eve for the first time since 1926, certainly the first time in my lifetime. The snow remained Christmas morning, but had melted away by the afternoon. Still it was a pretty cool event.
A few years ago I had been commissioned by the Dallas Morning News to create an image for their Christmas Day issue, based on what would happen if it did snow on Christmas Eve. Obviously that wasn't such a far fetched possibility, since it has snowed as early as Thanksgiving some years and we usually get winter storms in January, but the odds of a snowstorm of any significance on December 24 itself were not that high. In this case the temperature had reached the high 70s on Wednesday the 23rd. Snow the next day is what we call "Texas weather".
Above is the piece I created for the Morning News. Who knew it would be prophetic?
I hope everyone reading this had a great holiday (whichever it may have been) and will have a much improved 2010.

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