Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blast from the past

Cover art for Taito video game, "Kiwi Kraze".

Today I received an e-mail asking about buying the original of this illustration for a video game package. Unfortunately I don't have the original, one of the few I don't have. It was commissioned twenty years ago. An interesting sidelight (I hope) is that I was chosen as illustrator for this project based on another piece, pictured below, which I had done for "Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine" a few years prior.

While I'm glad to have been considered and chosen for the job (and I knew/know I could pull off such a project), I've always been baffled at how the connection was made from looking at the magazine piece, obviously a moody, low-keyed color, fairly quiet "mystery" thing, to the loud, energetic, cartoon-based cover of the game. There are birds in both examples, I guess.

"The Owl in the Oaks", cover of "Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine".

There have been other times when this vision isn't apparent with the decision-makers. Often an artist may have an image of an apple in an illustration portfolio, and be asked straight-faced, "But how do we know you can draw or paint bananas?" I'm glad the people commissioning this illustration weren't so myopic.


Lynne Chapman said...

This is so dramatic. What an unusual composition and combination of viewpionts. Knock-out!

Ray-Mel Cornelius said...

I hope it's never to late to say thank you, Lynne. I appreciate it.