Tuesday, March 30, 2010

7th Street Mural Project

7th Street stretches between the Tyler-Davis and Bishop Arts Districts in my neighborhood of Oak Cliff. A group of area artists, organized by Steve Cruz, are painting murals on the walls of some of the businesses on that street. In the photo above, I'm working on my contribution, the proposal for which is, with other proposals or works in progress, pictured below.
I'm painting the image on wood panels which will be installed on the chosen building's wall.
I'll update as I have new pictures to show.

Here I'm preparing the panels with primer. Our cat G.G. is providing supervision and taking advantage of the shade.

G.G. appears to have helped at one point, with the application of the purple base coat. That, or as my wife, Becky, suggested, she voted in the Iraqi election. We haven't noticed her being gone long enough for that, though.

The proposals and works in progress are below.

This is a Photoshopped depiction of what my final mural will look like. As I mentioned before, it's actually on four separate wood panels, and will be attached to the wall. Also, it will be installed on a different wall, not this one. The wall assignments were changed before anyone got started.

This mural is by Brian Scott.

This is a mural in progress by Gillian Bradshaw-Smith.

Lewis Carroll's Alice trapped in a too-small-for-her space reminiscent of the paintings of Gerhard Richter, by Chaitra Lineham.

Proposed mural by Brian K. Jones.

Proposed mural (now being executed at a different location) by Steve Cruz.

Proposed mural by Eric Tosten.

Photographs of murals in progress courtesy of Brian Scott.

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