Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chris Rovillo 1951-2010

In a business full of egos the size of Mount Rushmore, with maybe a few deserved, I don't think I ever saw Chris Rovillo have an egotistical moment. He was a kind, compassionate, friendly, talented, funny, guitar-playing man.
Chris died last night. His health had been questionable for some time, but I think only those closest to him received the news without being shocked. The old adage "the good die young" has applied to every eulogy, memorial, whatever these are, that I have written since this blog began. I have to add Chris to the list of Don Punchatz, George Toomer, Bill Ross and Monte Wade. I hope I don't have to add anyone else for a long time.
Chris' graphic design work won many awards, and it is certainly one of the primary reasons the Dallas area has long been considered a major design force. I had the privilege of working with him on a few projects, including this poster for the Neiman-Marcus Adolphus Hotel Children's Christmas Parade. The whole thing was Chris' idea, I just fleshed it out. I was glad to hear that whenever he exhibited the poster he spoke well of my contribution. The illustration was included in the New York Society of Illustrators 44th Annual Exhibition.
Chris was also kind enough to buy this painting, "Sub-Marina", for his wife Jeanne's collection of mermaid images.
Another life well lived. May we all have that thought applied to our own journeys through this often bizarre, usually great visit to Earth.

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