Monday, January 24, 2011

El Corazón

"Frutas y Corazón", acrylic on canvas.

For the past seventeen years curator Jose Vargas has organized the "El Corazon" exhibition for the Bath House Cultural Center. Here's my contribution to this year's show. The opening reception is January 29 and continues through February 26.
From the Bath House Cultural Center web site:

"The idea of creating an opportunity for local artists to explore various artistic interpretations of the human heart was conceived by Dallas artist and curator, Jose Vargas in 1993. Since then, this passionate and delightfully eclectic art show has featured diverse creations inspired by the heart (El Corazón), an important symbol in Mexican and Latin American art, and a significant theme in western culture.

Mr. Vargas has always been attracted to the symbol of the heart and, because of that fascination, he decided to create a public showcase of outstanding heart-related art pieces. This exhibition has enabled him throughout the years to share his passion with art patrons in Dallas and to engage close to one thousand participating artists.

ARTISTS: Denise Althea Graham, Chandra Armstead, Deeya Bain, Joni Beamish, Laura Beikman, Penelope Bisbee, Carol Blanchard Parks, Angie Bolling, Eunice Bridges, Roy Cirigliana, Ray-Mel Cornelius, Patricia Curry, Dan Dudley, Lori Dudley, Gina Marie Dunn, Jacque Forsher, Sandra Gonzalez, April Greenlee, Rebecca Guy, Franziska Haarmann, Juli Hulcy, Karen Jacobi, Laura Johnson, Jenny Keller, KeLaine Kvale, Katrine Kyhnel, Javier Limon, Eli Lorenz, Darlene Macias, Laurie Mahoney, Kerian Massey, Julia McLain, Teresa Megahan, Karen Merten, William Messimer, Sharon Neel-Bagley, Melia Newman, Jennifer Olvera, Carol Pankratz, Cap Pannell, Paul Pena, Filiberto Pérez, Luzette Portillo Flores, Alfredo Rodriguez, Johanna Roffino Hulsey, Lisa Rountree, Lesley Rucker, Ruth Sanchez, Armando Sebastian, Cindy Seely, Pam Stern, Linda D. Stokes, Melissa Wertz, Michele Wertz, Tamara Wyndham, and David Zarazua II."

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