Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's in the mail.

A few years ago I was commissioned to create an image for a book published by the Half-Price Books chain of stores. The book was titled "Say Good-Night to Illiteracy" and featured amateur stories and poems with pictures by professional artists. It was sold at the stores with the sales proceeds going to school illiteracy programs.
The story illustrated by this image described how, as the people of Africa watched the Moon, it also watched over them. The painting was accepted into Spectrum, an annual juried show of fantasy oriented art.

A while after Spectrum was published this letter arrived in the mail.

For obvious reasons, including respect for the writer's privacy, I've blurred his name and forwarding address.
The note surprised me, but I was also flattered by it. It took awhile for me to get around to following up on this, but I eventually printed and sent the image to him. I didn't hear from him again, so I don't know whether or not he received it. I hope so.
I also hope things are working out better for him, wherever he is.

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