Tuesday, April 26, 2011

¡Lotería, Lotería! (Tres)

I was invited to contribute a piece to this show at the Bath House Cultural Center in Dallas. This is "El Pajaro", 20 by 16 inches, acrylic on canvas. The exhibit opens Saturday, April 30, 7 - 9 pm.

Here is the concept, from the Bath House web site:
This exhibition features 54 local artists who created artwork based on the pictures and symbols from La Loteria, a popular Mexican board game. Loteria resembles a form of bingo that uses pictures instead of numbers. In the game, each player is given a card with 16 squares with pictures and beans to mark the squares that have been called. The first person to get four pictures in a row, vertically, horizontally or diagonally, hollers out LOTERIA and wins the game.

La Lotería is produced by popular artists throughout Mexico. There are different versions of the game, all lovely variations of what remains, essentially, the same symbols. The images from the game depict common everyday objects, places and characters that are easily recognized and significant to the traditions and culture of Mexico.

Artists: Michelle Akers, Michael Benson, Rita Barnard, Kathy Boortz, Tomas Bustos, Gabrielle Castañeda Pruitt, J R Compton, Ray-Mel Cornelius, Misty Dean, Viola Delgado, Christa Diepenbrock, Carlos Donjuan, Emily Donjuan, Dan Dudley, Lori Dudley, Amalia Elmasri, Lilia Estrada, Jacque Forsher, Merry Fuhrer, Maria Teresa García Pedroche, Pastor García, Rebecca Guy, Genaro Hernández, Jacinta Hernández, Juan J. Hernández, Johanna Roffino-Hulsey, Alex Hulsey, Peta Jones, Jenny Keller, Darrell Madis, Freddie McCoo, Julia McLain, David Medina, Sandra A. Moreno, Roberto Munguia, Lupita Murillo-Tinnen, Mylan Nguyen, Andrew Ortiz, Anna Palmer, Cap Pannell, Chet Phillips, Brooke Opie Ragusa, Marty Ray, Richard Ray, Janet Reynolds, Linda Lucía Santana, Armando Sebastian, Linda D. Stokes, Jeanne Sturdevant, Chris Tinnen, Jose Vargas, Giovanni Valderas, Juan Valdez, Tom Walker, and Tim Wilson.

More on the original Lotería cards can be found at this link.

Thanks to Enrique Fernandez Cervantes for the invitation.

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