Saturday, December 24, 2011

In the Bleak Midwinter

This is O L D, but I still like it. It was done for a Christmas Day issue of a newspaper supplement magazine. I had in mind what the object in the sky was, but I suppose I shouldn't identify it and leave that up to the viewer.
Someone once asked me "What is the spirit of Christmas to you?" and I dragged this out, much to her confusion. It's really more about the mystery and magic of winter nights in general, specifically those this time of year, with all of the connotations the various Winter holidays bring.
Whatever your holiday of choice might be, I hope it's a good one.


marionette-chevalier said...

What did you make the snow with? A fine brush or done in photoshop?

Ray-Mel Cornelius said...

The snowflakes were done with a small brush, probably a Winsor Newton "0". This was done in 1983, before Photoshop was around.
Thanks for asking.