Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Favorite paintings*

In 1984-ish, I was visiting the University of North Texas campus in Denton, Texas. I was upstairs in an atrium, where the art department's gallery walls were visible below. This painting dominated everything in the room, and got my attention right away. I asked my escort about it, and if the artist would be interested in selling it. He said he would find out. Later he called me with a price, which I agreed to, the artist, somewhat surprised I think, delivered to my apartment and I've had it ever since.

Bruce Schiefelbein was the artist. He was in a Masters program and later told me that the piece was the source of some...well not controversy really, but some talk during the exhibition. At six by four feet, it certainly has considerable presence and asserts itself in any environment. I've always liked what I thought looked like the mashup of Picasso, De Kooning and Ub Iwerks and yet was none of them and entirely Bruce.

In the ensuing years Bruce has continued to paint with considerable gusto. We acquired another of his paintings, "Nandi Bear", pictured below, a couple of years ago, and a work on paper I don't presently have a photo of. We're happy to have all of them and to be friends with Bruce and his charming wife Nancy.

*That I also happen to own.

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