Friday, August 23, 2013

"Inside and Out"

I've been really remiss on the blogging lately. The show is coming up in three weeks and for a change I'm just about ready. I have to frame the drawings and prepare some paintings for hanging.

Here is a poster I designed, primarily for social media purposes. And I'm including the official "artist's statement" for the show. I don't do "artspeak" well, but it is what it is.

"Wild life, still life.

Those two terms wouldn’t seem to have much in common except the word 'life'. But they reflect two of my personal interests, the experience of nature and the impulse to collect and display. We take our world out into nature, sometimes to its detriment, and bring the natural world in to recreate our adventures in it.

This body of work explores what I have seen while encountering nature and what I have tried to bring home and live with in an attempt to recreate that experience. My usual interests in color, texture, composition and scale are also satisfied in the process of making paintings based on these considerations."

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