Thursday, April 30, 2009

Among the "Chosen"

I'm told this piece, for a special Day of the Dead (a Mexican holiday) concert by my good friends, The GilmerMetcalves, who have a busy blog of their own, has been chosen to appear on a web site to be launched in November, 2009, called "Tribute". It's the web version of an annual juried show which includes an actual book, but I won't be in the book, only on the web site. Obviously I'll revisit this and link to it when it's launched next Fall.
There were 8100 entries, with 583 getting enough votes from the jury to at least make the web site. American Illustration is the name of the book and company which publishes it.
Both the site and the book are essentially catalogs of the juried competition. I was in the book itself in the 1983 edition, American Illustration 3. Sometimes it's a long time between successes, at whatever level.

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jazzlamb said...

Its a very very nice looking illustration. I love the black halftone thing happening. How do you do it??? digitally? Anyway, its really cool!