Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Art in the Metroplex" - the show

Here I am, stiff as ever in front of a camera, with "Claudius" yesterday, Saturday, September 11, at the reception for Art in the Metroplex at TCU in Fort Worth, Texas. The juror, artist Polly Apfelbaum, gave a lecture and presentation of some of her own work, then showed and commented on the pieces she selected for the show.
About "Claudius", she said it made her smile, that it had a mix of Pop Art and folk qualities, and it reminded her of Wily Coyote and the Roadrunner. She also mentioned my signature, how signatures are a rare element in contemporary art, and how meticulous I was in painting it. And she said, "I loved all of that". Which is fine by me.

Below are some other photos from the reception. I don't know, in some cases don't remember, all of whose work is whose, so apologies to anybody uncredited. I did know and like a few pieces not shown here, but my photography was bad, out of focus, etc, so not everything in the show is depicted here.

Juror and artist Polly Apfelbaum.

A small crowd around "Claudius".

The Art Mob's out today.

Becky is talking with artists Susan Whitmer and Steven Miller. Steven's cool painting was one of the ones I photographed badly, so it's not shown here. It deserves a much better representation.

This interactive piece entertained the kids, who loved the permission to drop debris into this rubber mat.

A beautiful painting by Nancy L. Brown.

Charlotte Smith.

Jay Maggio.

Ricardo Paniagua

Yep, that's an upside down table.

Here's the official checklist of all artists and their work.
1. Paul Abbott – "03_Paul Abbott_U#10.6.22A1_20x40_Photo&Digital"
photo mounted on plexi

2. Bill Barter – "Xetuk"

3. Bill Barter – "Zenuk"

4. Bill Barter – "Wituk"

5. Melissa Brown – "Toss and Gather"
rubber mats, cardboard boxes, stones, seeds, burrs

6. Nancy Brown – "untitled"
acrylic on canvas

7. Andrew Butler – "For Her"
latex on wood panel

8. Lou Chapman – "Venice Beach Roller Park"
archival inkjet print from Holga camera negative

9. Ray-Mel Cornelius – "Claudius"
acrylic on canvas

10. Laura Cummings – "Time’s Leftovers"

11. Madelyn Edwards – "The Jar"
oil on cardboard

12. Laura Ehrich – "Echo"
digital painting on sheer fabric

13. Cassandra Emswiler – "El Charco del Ingenio"
ceramic tiles, rocks

14. Cassandra Emswiler – "Over the river and through the woods…"
inherited painting, marble tile

15. Ricardo Paniagua Garcia III – "Tall Man"
household/spraypaint on canvas

16. Nathaniel Glaspie – "42nd and Beach St."
aluminum, canvas, hardware, household paint, Plexiglas, stainless steel

17. Lee Albert Hill - "…Crap …Back to Work in the Morning…"
perma stable chrome print on aluminum plate

18. Alan Hofstad – "Roses, close up"

19. Ronit Ilan – "Gathering"
digital photogaphy

20. Lance Jones – "Untitled (And There Was.)"

21. Lance Jones – "Untitled (And There Was.)"

22. Lance Jones – "Untitled (And There Was.)"

23. Patrick Lewis – "24 Hrs/10 Min. Ahead"

24. Jay Maggio – "Red Fushia"
oil on canvas

25. Mike Mahler – "The Divine Wound"
acrylic on canvas

26. Leighton McWilliams – "Elvis/Riviera"
giclee print from plastic camera

27. Steven Miller – "Drag"
acrylic on panel

28. Mark Murphy– "Cloudy"
oil on canvas

29. Yuki Ogura – "This is a table"

30. Yuul Paki – "(8 x 11 in.) 2"

31. Joel Sampson – "Gypsum"
archival pigment on paper

32. Patrick Schneider – "Library of Babel"
graphite on panel

33. Libby Sloan – "Nature’s Kaleidoscope"

34. Charlotte Smith – "Bovary’s Dream"
acrylic paint pile on wood shelf

35. Sally Warren – "Scrambled Denali"
inkjet on grafix film

36. Mike Whitaker – "Photo Contest 017"

37. Hsiu Ching Yu – "Omphaloskepsis 65"
charcoal & graphite


Banner's said...

I need an upside down table!

Ray-Mel Cornelius said...

I believe they're very easy to make. No carpentry skills necessary.

Anonymous said...

wow, nice post.

Anonymous said...

didnt she win 2,000 dollars for placing that table upside down?

Ray-Mel Cornelius said...

I believe the artist did win a prize for that piece, but I don't know the amount.