Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jeffrey Catherine Jones, 1944 - 2011

Jeffrey Catherine Jones, a.k.a. Jeff Jones, began her career as a fantasy and science fiction illustrator in the 1960s. She was the only illustrator to rival the great Frank Frazetta in originality of imagery and style on the many paperback book covers which caught my pubescent eye. Those covers reinforced my realization that one could actually pursue a career in making images, and they were a profound influence in the direction of my life focus.
She died this morning.

The economy of detail and color and directness of paint application found in her paintings are qualities I have admired from my first encounter with a Jones painting.

Okay, you can probably see why this cover would be compelling to my 14 year old eyes. But it's one of many books I bought with Jones covers, not all of which featured the female anatomy so prominently.

This is a good example of how Jones used no more or no less detail than was necessary to make this statement. It's a beautiful example of her fantasy imagery.

In recent work she approached plein air landscape painting, and those may be some of my favorites, maybe more appealing to my adult eye. Here are some examples.

My sympathies go out to Jeffrey Catherines Jones' family and personal friends. Her many fans, including me, will miss seeing new work, but will always be glad to have experienced this singular artist's vision.

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