Friday, May 13, 2011

Visual Speed Bump 2011: The Oak Cliff Studio Tour

My increasingly cool neighborhood of Oak Cliff is a haven for artists of all kinds. The annual, or maybe it's a biennial, since the last one was two years ago, studio tour happens tomorrow, May 14. If you're in the Dallas Texas area, come by. Here's a link to the tour web site with a map and the names of participating venues, including mine.

Checking back in on Tuesday, the 17th, after the tour day, here are some views of the place before the crowds arrived. And yes, there were crowds.

The entry.

The merch table.

Two views of my, as one visitor put it, "tiny but bright" studio.

One of our cats, JemSneakers, was designated Official Speedbump of the "Speedbump Tour".


marionette-chevalier said...

Sorry I missed it. It would have been cool to see galleries of artists in their homes. I didn't know Oak Cliff was "a haven for artists". Hope it went well!

PS: I am glad you pointed out what "biennial" was because I was thinking it happens twice a year. I never could understand the time frames of years. I get confused with them sometimes.

Ray-Mel Cornelius said...

Oak Cliff is indeed a haven for artists, come over and see what's happening some time.
I think "semi-annual" means twice a year.