Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"Works on Paper"

Here are some photos from "Works on Paper", a group exhibition in which I was invited to show. I don't work on paper a lot, but I did have some pieces I was able to contribute.

These were "Across the Pond" (acrylic and found objects on paper, 9.5 by 14 inches), "Arboreal 1" (acrylic on paper, 11 by 15 inches) and "Arboreal 3" (acrylic on paper, 11 by 15 inches). I'm happy to say "Arboreal 1" sold to a friend in Seattle. It's always nice to know where a piece is going.

The gallery, called "The small gallery" with intentional lower case letters, is located along with some other galleries in a shopping mall that has seen better days. There are still some other stores in the mall, including a Sears, but a lot of the area has been provided to galleries and artists' studios. The places we visited were well appointed and the work looked good.

Thanks to Rita Barnard, the small gallery's owner, for the invitation.

"Across the Pond" on the wall.

Some nice people keep an eye on "Arboreal 3", one of my favorite of these paintings. My approach in painting it was different from the usual. It worked out well, I thought, so it was a good experience.

A crowd shot with "Across the Pond" and "Arboreal 1" in the background.

"Arboreal 1" is flanked by two other nice pieces.

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